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  Converted Van

Do you want to be free? Do you want to escape? To freely discover new regions and
countries? Then this vehicle is made for you

For a profitable investment, we propose to restore your or an old vehicle, to give it a second life and allow you, without ruining yourself, to go wherever you want, on the roads, freely!

Thanks to our team of professionals, we can restore and adapt your vehicle, regardless of its initial condition.

With our turnkey service :

transport: pick up and delivery of the vehicle at your home, or better yet, you can come and pick it up directly from our workshops in Portugal, so that your journey can begin …
bodywork : refurbishment of all bodywork components, no matter what the initial state is.
painting: according to your wishes
mechanical : complete overhaul of engine, gearbox, gears, brakes, clutch, electrical harnesses, …
layout : according to your wishes, your desires, your needs,…

We only work on old vehicles, vintage vehicles, with a look that will not leave your environment indifferent. But, no concession on safety, on insulation, for your comfort,winter and summer.

Cryptomere fittings, resistant wood, extremely light, for natural, warm, durable, aesthetic, insulating interiors (one of the best) and allowing greater load capacity than any other material.

Whether it is a converted van, a combi, a courier, a camper van, it will be a profitable investment, your vehicle will keep its value over the years, or even increase in value.

You will be able to use it according to your desires, the rest of the time, rent it easily.

gOld Time Repair offers you a unique, personalized vehicle !