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  Food Trucks

Street Food is fashionable, enjoy it !  Get into the wheeled restaurant business by transforming your old van into a food truck ?
gOld Time Repair is here for you!!

In this world where it is important to catch the eye, stand out, be different, invest in a Vintage vehicle, which will be immediately noticed. The right plan, for a moderate cost!

Our team offers you a complete service of reconstruction and fitting-out of your commercial vehicle, whatever its initial condition.

gOld Time Repair accompanies you in your project, with our turnkey service: we pick up your vehicle at your home, bring it to our workshops in Portugal and bring it back home, ready to accompany you in your new business.


At gOld Time Repair, we can give your old vehicle a new life with our various services of bodywork, paintwork, which will allow your vehicle to find its former appearance.
A mechanical service, which will restore your engine so that it works as well as when it left the factory.
And much more, to be discovered on the other pages of our site!

The second step in converting your van into a Food Truck will be the fitting-out.
Here, the only limit is your needs, everything is possible. 
We can raise the roof, create an opening in the side of the vehicle, install refrigerators, spits for a rotisserie, a grill for a burger stand, a wood oven for pizza…

Facilities meeting current food standards, with brand-new equipment.

Whatever your Food Truck is, it will be a profitable investment, your vehicle will keep its value over the years, or even increase in value.

gOld Time Repair offers you a fully equipped vehicle, adapted to your needs for a low cost!