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You want to restore your old car, but some parts are hard to find? gOld Time Repair can reproduce them!

Gold Time Repair’s qualified professionals in vintage vehicle restoration offer you foundry work for the production of all your vehicle’s parts. Thanks to this metallurgical process, Gold Time Repair offers you various foundry services at unbeatable prices:

  • Production of a new part identical to the original one
  • Restoration of your classic car, regardless of brand and model
  • Repair and bring your vehicle up to standard.

Sand casting foundry

Having all the equipment to carry out sand casting, our teams reproduce any vintage vehicle part that can be cast.

Sand casting uses a refractory material in the form of small grains; in this way it is possible to give it the shape one wants, and then fix this shape with an additive. It is therefore a material of choice for the design of single-use moulds.

Thanks to this sand casting technique, which allows metal and/or alloy to be cast, it is possible to create lost or excessively damaged parts. Safety on the road is ensured, and your vehicle regains its performance as when it left the factory

During part restoration it is possible to use the part to be restored as a model. This method, known as counter-casting, makes it possible to obtain a “new” part, but with slightly smaller dimensions than the original (about 1.2% in the case of aluminium) due to shrinkage.

Of course, it is also possible to keep the exact dimensions of the part, starting from an existing part by “dressing” it and directly adding the extra thicknesses related to metal shrinkage and machining requirements.

To obtain a new part that is strictly identical to your original, we produce 3D plans in the design office, as well as 3D printing models that will be used as primary moulds.

gOld Time Repair, specialist in the restoration of old vehicles, offers you several alloys:

  • Aluminium alloy,
  • Copper alloy
  • Zamak

For each alloy, we guarantee you a complete service: from casting and machining to installation on the vehicle:

  • Choice of the alloy and its composition according to your application or to the original part
  • Manufacture of the mould and possible core box
  • Sand impression casting
  • Foundry
  • Parts unhooking
  • Parts deburring
  • Machining, technical and aesthetic finishing work of the parts
  • Heat treatments
  • Quality control to guarantee efficiency and resistance level of the parts
  • Installation in the vehicle