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Parts to renovate or impossible to find on the market?  gOld Time Repair, specialist in the restoration of old vehicles, is here to help you!

Over time, mechanical parts wear out, components suffer, performance decreases, and in the long-term their replacement becomes inevitable.


Repairing a mechanical part or a mechanical unit saves you the heavy expenses associated with the acquisition of new parts.

Machining of your car or motorcycle parts   

The work is carried out in several stages, including hardfacing by welding, change of dimensions, machining of damaged elements…

gOld Time Repair provides various types of machining services:

  • grinding and reaming engine block
  • cylinder head adjustment,
  • piston grinding,
  • balancing your engine flywheel crankshaft,
  • extraction of your glow plugs…

Our machining specialists provide :

  • conventional or CNC turning and milling as necessary
  • repair of engine block/cylinder head, valves, valve seats
  • the installation of new valve guides
  • machining of cylinder head ducts in NC
  • boring of cylinders of all types
  • engine block liner
  • shirt fitting
  • repair, connecting rod and crankshaft rebalancing
  • shaft line machining and TIG welding

Various types of machining are also taken care of in our workshop, including :

  • repair of valves, seats, engine block, cylinder head, cast iron cylinder bore
  • crankshaft maintenance and balancing
  • machining and scanning of cylinder head conducts and combustion chamber
  • installation of the new valve seats
  • machining of the crankshaft line for certain brands

Your collector car will leave our workshop with a fully renovated or repaired engine.

All makes of engines, of all ages, are supported! Worn engine components will be remanufactured, machined, ground, adjusted, adapted or transformed in our workshops.

The original condition of your car will not be altered in any way. As part of the restoration, our teams will repair your combustion engines according to the original condition of the vehicle.

Repair work is carried out using appropriate tools, allowing us to work on all engine components.

Manufacture of custom-made parts

Some defective parts may not be available on the market or may be out of stock. Gold Time Repair reproduces them for you, tailor-made, with the same characteristics as the originals.

The copy of each part is made by our design office using high technology tools, such as 3D drawing software. We are thus able to create prototypes before the production of car or motorcycle parts. This includes connecting rods, pistons, camshafts, valves, crankshafts, etc…

We also design and develop internal elements of the drive system that cannot be found on the market.

As for the oldest cars, parts in circulation are becoming increasingly rare, but we know how to find them thanks to our network of partners! We will thus always be able to recondition your vehicle.