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There is nothing like a restoration to bring old and classic cars back to life! (and to preserve their value)

Restoration essentially consists of repairing all the components of an object, with the aim of bringing it back to life and restoring it to its original state.

But restoration can also consist of the adaptation in old style of modern parts, added for safety reasons or by necessity.

gOld Time Repair is specialized in the restoration of antique cars, motorcycles, objects and furniture.

For a new life to begin…

Restoration of vintage cars

Renovating a car is a long-term job that requires time, a certain budget, and a lot of passion!

It is made in three main stages: disassembly, restoration, and reconstruction (or assembly).

The vehicle is completely reworked, including visible and invisible parts. gOld Time Repair renovates and repairs :


  • Carrosserie
  • Chrome-plated parts
  • Wheels
  • Passenger compartment
  • Engine and related parts
  • Chassis
  • Transmission
  • All auxiliaries, including brakes, cooling system, and electrical system

We also provide custom partial restorations according to your request.

Restoration of vintage motorcycles

Do you want to restore your antique or vintage motorcycle? Please contact us! Gold Time Repair is also a specialist in the restoration of vintage motorcycles. After a visit at our place, you will find your motorcycle as new. We take care of all models, collections, brands and years. Whether yours is :

  • “a sportscar”
  • “a roadster”
  • ” a custom “
  • or another, you’ll be amazed!

Parts will be disassembled, cleaned, repaired or replaced. Your engine will be completely overhauled, as well as all related components. We will apply zinc plating on all screws and bolts, phosphating followed by powder coating on the chassis. All the chromes will be polished and then refurbished. Painting or chrome plating of the tank, side covers, we take care of everything!

We can also customize your motorcycle so that it looks just like you and there is no other bike like it.

Rediscover the pleasure of riding in complete safety with a restored motorcycle.

Restoration of antique objects

Ancient metal objects are present in large numbers as decorative pieces in our environment..

Whatever their origin is, these objects, sometimes masterfully crafted, have been made from a base metal such as iron, copper or tin.

Whether it is for its sentimental value or its market value, we return your object attacked by time to its original state.


Restoration of antique furniture

At the crossroads of the beautiful and the useful, what a shame to bring down to the cellar a piece of furniture that has been in the family for generations!

gOld Time Repair transforms a piece of furniture in poor condition into marvel, as if it were new.

We give a second youth to your antique furniture or objects in marquetry of wood and rare materials in order to ensure the transmission of their history, from generation to generation.