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How about restoring your seats, bench seats, interior panels, dashboard, steering wheel, carpeting?

Over time, all upholstery deteriorates.

Yet coatings are the first thing you see when you get into a car.

You may want or need to restore them to their original state.

gOld Time Repair renovates your old vehicle to give your interior a second youth!

Based on many years of experience, we undertake all the necessary work to restore it.

In particular, we work on :

  • seats, benches
  • inner panels
  • dashboard and steering wheel
  • car hood
  • roof coverings
  • metal parts for seat supports
  • bristle or moss intended to give the shape of the seats

We have a wide range of materials to satisfy all your needs: leather, imitation leather, plastic, cotton, precious wood or synthetic fibres.

Trust us to restore your saddlery so that it looks new and luxurious. With the experts at Gold Time Repair, you are guaranteed high quality work. Your vehicle will be in very good hands!

Saddlery for vintage cars  

You bought a classic car and are planning to restore it? You’ve come to the right place!

The experts of gOld Time Repair carry out the saddlery of your vehicle as quickly as possible, while respecting the various stages of the rules of the trade.

Need to change the inner leathers? If their condition permits, the seams will be hand stitched to meet the production standards of the time.

You can also choose to customize your upholstery, all your needs will be satisfied.

Our only goal? Your satisfaction, by offering you a service that meets your expectations!

To ensure that your classic car is always a pleasure to drive, we will provide you with maximum comfort and aesthetics.

Saddlery for motorcycles

A motorcycle seat deteriorates over time. Moisture and frost are the main factors that deteriorate a saddle. It may also have been torn in an accident or damaged unintentionally.

It is also possible that over time, the plastic coating of the seat will harden and no longer support the weight of the rider. This may cause a crack in the motorcycle seat.

Our services are less expensive than the majority of those available on the market. If your saddle starts to deteriorate, now is the right time to restore it! Treat yourself to an almost new motorcycle saddle at a lower cost thanks to our economical solution.

If the saddle is too worn to restore it, it will have to be replaced. We provide an impeccable motorcycle saddle replacement service. Our motorcycle saddles are made locally.