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Restore your classic car or motorcycle to its original appearance, and regain its power and performance of yesteryear!

Expert in the restoration of old vehicles, gOld Time Repair takes care of all brands and models of cars and motorcycles, to give them a second youth. Our team of qualified professionals has all the necessary equipment and know-how to solve any welding problem:


  • Bodywork damaged or too old
  • Missing part of bodywork
  • Engine block welding
  • Welding crankshaft recharging
  • Welding rims repair
  • Tin soldering
  • ….
  • Engine block welding

Engine block welding

Thanks to its years of experience in the restoration of vintage vehicles, the teams of gOld Time Repair are able to :

  • Dismantle the engine block
  • Repair cracks
  • Make welds without dismantling the engine block
  • Repair cylinder head gaskets
  • Limit water losses

All types of motors can be supported: steel, aluminium or cast iron.

Welding crankshaft recharging

Regain the power of your vehicle :

  • Chrome/nickel alloy rods
  • Powdered welding products
  • Hot stamping
  • Torch repair


Welding repair in bodywork-platework  

Once you leave our workshops, your old vehicle will look like the original. Our welding-repair service proposes you to :

  • Replace excessively worn parts of the bodywork
  • Repair dents and smooth the structure
  • Take care of lines and curves of your new bodywork
  • Straighten the pieces of sheet metal
  • Smooth and carry out painting work
  • Polish the bodywork

Welding rims repair

For an impeccable design of your vehicle, we carry out welding on your rims in order to :

  • Return them to their original appearance
  • Smooth the structure and take care of the dents
  • Erase scratches
  • Add new pieces of sheet metal for a well rounded and stable structure
  • Cover cracks
  • Refurbish the damaged parts of the rim
  • Repair broken rims
  • Guarantee the quality of the proposed repair work to ensure better road safety and optimal driving comfort.


Tin soldering 


A noble material, tin is a superior quality to various sealants, particularly in terms of mechanical and heat resistance.

During the restoration of old vehicles, tin is use to fill in dents in the sheet metal after impacts (dents), for soldering after repairs, or to fill in small rust holes.

However, tin is not intended to fill large rust holes. In case of rust with large perforation, a partial replacement of the element concerned will be advised.

Example of a motorcycle tank restoration :

  • Tank disassembling
  • Tank cleaning
  • Welding of deteriorated tank components
  • Replacement of a part of the structure if it is too badly damaged
  • Leak test
  • Surface treatment and various kinds of finishes such as painting or chromium plating