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 wheel rims

Stripping, repairing, welding, polishing, painting, lacquering… Restore the rims of your vintage car to its original appearance!

Specialist in the renovation of old vehicles and with many years of experience in the field, gOld Time Repair intervenes on your car to repair or restore your original rims. Our teams of qualified professionals take care of any size of rim. All the imperfections of your rims will be eliminated:

  • Damaged or broken rims
  • Wrapped rims
  • Rims only or with other wheel components 
  • Rims of all brands and all finishes

gOld Time Repair enjoys an excellent reputation thanks to the professionalism of its teams and its value for money that defies any competition. We are committed to restore your rims to their original condition at the lowest cost. Several techniques guaranteeing your safety and comfort on the road are proposed.

We are dedicated to provide you with original rims that meet the required deadlines, while offering you a lower invoice compared to what is currently being done. Indeed, it is not a question here of replacing your accessories, but instead repairing them. To do this, we offer several techniques to ensure your safety and comfort on the road.


Repair of your rims with the new technologies available:

  • Stripping and sanding of all styles of rims
  • Offer a guarantee on the quality of the services offered

Repair and renovation

gOld Time Repair operates on any component of the rim to :

  • Repair rims
  • Give them back their original style
  • Treat potholes
  • Cover cracks in the structure
  • Refurbish the rim structure after an accident
  • Eliminate scratches
  • Fill in the blanks in case of breakage
  • Refurbish broken rims
  • Refurbish the damaged rim flange


Deformation due to potholes and impacts is detrimental to your rims, which contribute to your car’s handling. To guarantee a better life span, they can be restored. Gold Time Repair puts at your disposal its state-of-the-art equipment, to weld any type of rim, whatever its age or material, for an irreproachable result!

Welding is an assembly process allowing the treatment of :

  • Cracks
  • Scratches more or less deep
  • Breaks

Thanks to the know-how of gOld Time Repair, the tightness and solidity of the welds will be ensured on all treated surfaces.

Unveiling and straightening

gOld Time Repair takes care of damaged or abandoned vehicles, to ensure your total safety while driving. A complete diagnosis of the rims is carried out to identify potential problems in the structure. Thanks to their know-how and state-of-the-art equipment, our teams are able to :

  • Reshape your flattened rims
  • Repair all deformations in the structure, even minor ones
  • Restore the original shape of the rims
  • Guarantee the performance and robustness of the rims
  • Check the quality of the work carried out through visual and technical controls


Thanks to the qualified professionals at gOld Time Repair, your rims will have a solid, aesthetic finish in their original condition. Entrust your vehicle to us, we will take care of :

  • Polishing the rims
  • Smoothing the surface for a better comfort while driving
  • Restoring your wheels to their factory appearance


For the finishing of your rims, and to ensure a perfect visual rendering, our teams also propose to you:

  • An electrostatic powder for better paint adhesion
  • A personalized painting, identical to the original one
  • Lacquer for long-lasting colours
  • Varnishes for a personalised finish: classic, matt or glossy